QoE PDN Business Benchmarking – Service Monitoring

QoEPDN – Quality-of-Experience Plug Device for Next Generation Networks (NGN)

Passive, self‐configuring QoE PDN probes measure quality metrics and failure events of business NGN access services. The probes are easy to use and provide KPI of NGN connections and typical business applications like

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Amazon S3
  • Google Drive
  • Cloud Services

Subjective and objective KPI are derived from IP packet streams and used by the post‐processing for QoS (Quality of Service) metrics and DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) analysis. The measurement system may be used nationwide in a distributed environment and enables benchmarking of different service providers as well as the measurement of different cloud services within cooperate networks.

The project QoE PDN started in July 2014, and was sucessfully finished in June 2016.



Kosek, Mike
Design and Implementation of WebSocket-based Broadband QoS Test Routines

Gemmeke, Moritz
Design and implementation of a QoE analysis tool for cloud applications

Eiling, Constantin
Entwicklung eines Java-Tools zur erfassung von QoS-Parametern von Integrated Access Devices

Ayalp, Kenan
QoE PDN Probe Monitoring mit SNMP

Frey, Michael
Decrypting HTTPS sessions and KPI extraction for QoS tests in cloud services

Bagirtlak, Sümeyye
QoE PDN Testclient für Cypher Suites in Cloud Service


Bagirtlak, Sümeyye
Entwicklung eines Tools zur Bewertung der Cypher Suites in Web Services (Cypher Suite Test)

Gemmeke, Moritz
Quality tests for Microsoft OneDrive storage services

Helmig, Martin
Acquisition of Quality data of Integrated Access Devices

Gemmeke, Moritz
Quality tests for Amazon S3 storage services

Severin, Ioan
Quality tests for Google Drive storage services

Gemmeke, Moritz
Web-based visualization of QoE / QoS measurement results

Berger, Lukas
Quality Tests for Office 365

Press Release CeBIT 2015
Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit von Cloud-Diensten

Kosek, Mike
Customized Testing and Schedule Management using passive, self-configuring Probes


Gemmeke, Moritz
Entwicklung eines Prototypen für automatisierte Qualitätstests von Businessanwendungen in Unternehmensnetzwerken

Kosek, Mike
Implementierung eines Prototypen zur automatischen Konfiguration von „Plugged Devices“ im Business-Umfeld

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