Advanced Multimedia Communications (AMC)

Requirements and design of IP multiservice networks with QoS

Advanced Multimedia Communications (former Multimediakommunikation MMK) presents requirements of modern multimedia services like VoIP, IPTV, VOD in “All-IP Networks”, e.g. Next Generation Networks (NGN). We focus on Multimedia Applications, Multiservice Networks, and Qualitiy-of-Service (QoS) support in IP networks. This master course (Master Computer Science and Engineering (MTIN) and Master Communications Systems and Networks) provides lab projects on actual Multimedia and QoS technologies.

Registration for AMC ULP in PSSO is required.
Seats in the AMC lab are limited. Prerequisite include knowledge of and experience with Linux systems, IP networking (IP addressing, subnetting), and script based coding, optional programming skills in C/C++, Java or Python. Students are seleted by fulfillment of these prerequisite. This semster we have the following skill tests before lab enrollment.

    • Basic programming test (C++, Java or Python) with terminal tools (no IDE): Monday Oct. 8, at 4 pm. (all classes with Prof. Dettmar, Elders-Boll, Grebe, and Knospe)
    • Basic networking knowledge test: Thursday Oct. 11, at 4 pm. (only those, who passed the programming test)

Time shift (as agreed Oct. 4): Lecture 2 pm – 3.30 pm. / Exercises 3.45 pm. – 4.30 pm. / Lab -individual-

Link to Oral Exam Schedule, Feb. 5, March 7 and 8


Lectures Exercises
1. Introduction
2. Multimedia Source Encoding Exercise1 – Multimedia Services
3. Multimedia Transport Protocols Exercise2 – Source Encoding/Transport Protocols
4. Multiservice Networks Exercise3 – Multiservice Networks/Traffic Model
5. DiffServ Traffic Control Exercise4 – DiffServ Implementation
6. Network Scheduling Exercise5 – Network Scheduling
7. QoS and QoE Exercise6 – QoS and QoE


Lab Materials Helpful How-to’s and Instructions
AMC Lab Groups and Milestones Linux Manual (short and simple)
Laborordnung, zum 1. Termin unterschrieben mitzubringen! Getting started with Asterisk
Lab regulations, to be signed and returned before 1st lab date! Introduction to Wireshark and Wireshark Website
AMC Default Lab Instructions Basic Cisco LAN Configuration, and Basic Cisco IOS Command List
AMC Default Lab Cookbook Add. Cisco IOS 12.4T QoS Configuration Manual (2801 Router)
Link to IEEE conference paper format Add. Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4T Command Reference List

Projects WS2017/18

L.H.L. Nguyen, H.V. Chu
Video Streaming integrated VoIP Service

O.S. Ojedokun, V.I. Akinola, A.M Shokan
Implementation of QoS in IP Network (Using Linux Systems as Routers)

A. Chauhan, M. Aslam, S. Mathure
Evaluation of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming (DASH) over HTTP

A. Pujar, K. Shubham
Real Time Cloud Computing

Projects WS2016/17

T. Zunker, E. Götmann, P.L. Kamdem
Low latency video encoding and transmission for racing drones

Projects WS2015/16

Tarikul Islam, Md. Azizur Rahman, MD Kamruzzaman
Analysis of secured VoIP services

Aleksander Muradyan, Lina Zarzour, Munirah Ibrahim Binti, Zoraya Garcia
QoS Multimedia Streaming Server with PLEX

Pappu Prasad, Nnenna Nweke, Md.Ikteaj Hasan, Don Thomas
QoS Enabled Network and Analysis of VoIP Traffic

Juan Antonio Medina, G M Mahmudul Hasan, Benzir Bashar Chowdhury, Waleed Hassan, Lamiae Bentahar
QoS Analysis of Video Streaming with a Load Balancer

Mohammad Nazmul Hossain, Md Shahinul Haque Chowdhury, Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman, Md Mhabub Hossain
Central Management of Networks and Call Services

Aisha Adnan Ishaq, Gaurav Batra, Omkar Deshpande, Dhanashree Kulkarni, Savneet Singh Saini
Analysis of VoIP and Video Calls in QoS enabled Network Using Cisco Routers

Aderanti Adedayo, Adeleke Muyiwa Joshua, Eric Elliot, Johannes Giani
VoIP QoS over SDN: OpenFlow & Floodlight Controller

Abdul Wahab, Don Mithila, Hussain Khambaty, Usman Ali
Analysis of VoIP on QoS enabled Network

Mizanur Rahman, Md. Shakil Ahammad
Traffic analysis of VoIP PBX

Mst. Momtaj Begum, Sudip Saha, Manoj K. Roy
Analysis of VoIP Service in QoS enabled Network

Projects WS2014/15

Ioan Severin, Muhammad Ihsan Haikal Sukmana, Suman Adhikari
Analysis of the DOTA2 Online Game

Timo Behrens, Marcel Federwisch
Performance analysis of Asterisk VoIP server on Raspberry Pi

Helen Nithya Joseph Rajaratnam, Narpreet Kaur Panessar, Sabeena Fatima
Analyzing Communication Protocols used in Google Ingress

Javier Rodriguez, Silvia Santano, Arnau Vázquez Giner
Evaluation of Raspberry Pi live video streaming server

S.M. Ehsanul Amin, Abdullah Al Masud, Waqas Rafiq
CoS/QoS enabled Network and Analyses of Video-over-IP Traffic

Md. Turnab Islam, L. M. Arefin Hasib
VoIP Call Server with Multimedia Capabilities

Said Id Besslam, Md. Golam Rabbani
CoS/QoS enabled Network with Cisco 3500 XL and Analyses of VoIP traffic

Rami Mazraani, Mouad El Ansary
CoS/QoS enabled Network with Cisco 2950 and Analyses of VoIP traffic

Asmaa Jouch, Omair Najam
CoS/QoS enabled Network with Cisco 3500 XL and Analyses of VoIP traffic

Samsuddin Sikder, Towfique Chowdhury
CoS/QoS enabled Network with Cisco 3500 XL and Analyses of VoIP traffic

Projects WS2013/14

Martin Helmig, Irbaz Ahmed Khan, Marc Linden
Quality of Service with Cisco Pix

Thomas Barutzki, Thomas Becker, Kai Ohnacker
Class of Service with Juniper EX 4200

Sebastian Seidel
DSL Aggregator/Concentrator

Daniel Baier, Andreas Brück
A SIP-based VoIP application with adaptive codec switching for Android

Patrick Soboll, Dmitry Boryan, Benjamin Görlich
Comparison of H.264/H.265 for streaming applications

Darius Kellermann, Maximilian Stolze
Building a Network Monitor with OpenFlow

Adrian Beutner, Christoph Kuhr
Game Streaming Server and Java Client

Richard Gandlau, Moritz Gemmeke, Mike Kosek, Daniel Kuhnert
Streaming Client and Server with Raspberry Pi

Meet Modi, Madhukar Thapa
Evaluation of Video Streaming Using Windows based Multi-Media Server

Surendra Pandit, Ehab Bahgat, Taha El Majidi
Evaluation of YouTube HD Videos

Ankush Harsh, Kirandeep Kaur
Evaluation of Twonky Media Server

Projects WS2012/13

I. Papa, J. Schilder

B. Hass, M. Harrer, Z. M. Kidane
Audio- und Video-Streaming in IP-Netzen

Projects SS2012

R. Coellen
“Reliable Messaging” für WebServices mit Apache AXIS2

Gabriel Bertram, Thomas Partsch
Wireless QoS Survey unter Android

I. Michelbach, M. Mulikita
Multimedia Streaming mittels UPnP/DLNA

Projects SS2011

R. Kamlage, B. Mainka
Multimedia Peer-to-Peer Netze

M. Küster, A. Zingsheim
MasterShaper Linux QoS

S. Rudolf, S. Storck
TCng Linux QoS

M. Frey, V. Tachtsidis
Cisco Switch-based QoS

A. Novak, S. Yousaf
Cisco RSVP QoS

E.M. Bennani, B. Shpigel
WLAN QoS 802.11e

F. Moser, O. Wolf
Playstation (PS3) QoS

A. Kammerlander, F. Krauth
QoS unter MSWin XP-2008-7

Projects SS2010

M. Mitev, M. Kemwe Djoufack
Cisco QoS Best Practices

D. Juchem
Multimedia Streaming mit MSCP

N. Kokkinos
Multimedia mit Silverlight3

M. Laudenberg
eLearning mit AdobeConnect

M. Becker, C. Schopp, F. Schwab
Vergleich Webconferencing Tools

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