AMC and NGN Individual Lab Projects

All Materials (Descriptions, Slides, Exercises, Lab Instructions) are available from ILIAS Website of TH Köln

AMC Individual Lab Projects WS2020/21

J. Kohlhas
Privacy-friendly integration of a cloud video camera into a self-hosted smart home

G.O. Akuba, O.P. Madu
Quality of Service with Palo Alto Firewall
(in AWS environment)

NGN Individual Lab Projects SS2020

OSPF automation by YANG data model and Ansible

Serial BLE Chat over MQTT-SN

IDS/IPS Effectiveness Test

Building a containerized IoT Weather Station

AMC Individual Lab Projects WS2019/20

M. Ramirez, C.D. Ibegbu, Y.A. Omofoyewa
Performance on playback and streaming of AVC and HEVC HD videos: A comparison between Raspberry Pi3 and Raspberry Pi4

L. Koenen, L. Borgrewe, P. Kalytta
Orchestration Service-Mesh Testbed

A. Sardina Garcia, S Anamah, A. Parmigiani
WebRTC Live Streaming Analysis

S.O. Akuba, C.D. Ezenobi
Evaluation of OpenStack NFV Functionality

NGN Individual Lab Projects SS2019

Network Automation and Server Load Balancing on Docker Containers using Ansible

Introducing the MQTT Protocol based on an IOT example

MQTT Proxy Broker

AMC Individual Lab Projects WS2018/19

D. Aghili, J. Stüttchen
Evaluation of network performance in docker containers in comparison to bare metal

NGN Individual Lab Projects SS2018

VoIP Over Blockchain

CHAT BOT – A Next Generation Communication Service

Analysis and Optimization of Bit Torrent Protocol

AMC Individual Lab Projects WS2017/18

L.H.L. Nguyen, H.V. Chu
Video Streaming integrated VoIP Service

O.S. Ojedokun, V.I. Akinola, A.M Shokan
Implementation of QoS in IP Network (Using Linux Systems as Routers)

A. Chauhan, M. Aslam, S. Mathure
Evaluation of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming (DASH) over HTTP

A. Pujar, K. Shubham
Real Time Cloud Computing

NGN Individual Lab Projects SS2017

Evaluation and test of actual open source SIP/SDP Session Border Controller (SBC)

Meshtalk – An Application for VoIP Conferencing over WMN (Wireless Meshed Networks)

Establishment of VoIP over a LoRa (long range) low rate radio link

VoIP support with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) using OpenDaylight (ODL) Controller

AMC Individual Lab Projects WS2016/17

T. Zunker, E. Götmann, P.L. Kamdem
Low latency video encoding and transmission for racing drones

Former AMC Individual Lab Project Examples

Analysis of secured VoIP services
QoS Multimedia Streaming Server with PLEX
QoS Enabled Network and Analysis of VoIP Traffic
QoS Analysis of Video Streaming with a Load Balancer
Central Management of Networks and Call Services
Analysis of VoIP and Video Calls in QoS enabled Network Using Cisco Routers
VoIP QoS over SDN: OpenFlow & Floodlight Controller
Analysis of VoIP on QoS enabled Network Traffic analysis of VoIP PBX
Analysis of VoIP Service in QoS enabled Network

Former NGN Individual Lab Project Examples

Visualization of Mobile Connectivity in GoogleMaps
VoIP Services and Interconnection
SIP Chat with Geolocation
Evaluation of SIP-based Voice-over-WiFi APPs and Sessions
Corporate VoIP with HQ and Remote Call Server
VoIP Fraud Monitoring and Prevention
VoIP Trunking
Survivable VoIP Service
Evaluation of WebRTC for VoIP calls with sipML5
Security Evaluation of VoIP Call Servers and Phones
IPv4 and IPv6 Interworking with 464XLAT
Dual Stack VoIP-System with Asterisk and OpenSIPS
VoIP support with Software-Defined Networking using OpenDaylight Controller
VoIP Provider Call Server using Elastix and Asterisk
WhatsSIP – A SIP-based instant messaging application for Android
Comparative Evaluation of WhatsApp and Joyn (RCSe)
Kamailio Session Border Controller (SBC)
SIP Stack Library Evaluation
SIP based Communication between a VoIP client and a GSM mobile station by FreeSWITCH and OpenBTS