AMC and NGN Individual Lab Projects

All other Materials (Descriptions, Slides, Exercises, Lab Instructions) are available from ILIAS Website of TH Köln

AMC Individual Lab Projects WS2023/24

Denis Kerner
“Quality of Service in MQTT over Websockets

Kai Lübeck
“RTP Based Multi-Room Audio Streamer

Alpar Gür, Dinhg Bach Van
“PoC: MIDI-based, Realtime Audiovisual System

Nico Werner Keller, Adel Ahmadi
“Analysis of Distributed Architectures and Load Balancing for Scalability of MQTT Brokers in Cloud Environment

Ejike Patrick Aka, Md Hazrat Ali
“Implementation of a Cloud-Based Web Application Deployment Strategy on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Websockets”

Zain Qaiser, M. Hussain Bangash
“Network Security and Vulnerability Assessment in cAdvanced Multimedia Communication”

NGN Individual Lab Projects SS2023

Juan Carlos Rosales Cortes
“Evaluation of Data Transmission from 5G client to the Internet in an emulated 5G Network with Open5GS and UERANSIM

Arn Jonas Dieterich, Puneet Vishwanathan
“BGP Security – Attack and Countermeasure Evaluation”

Karzan Hasnat
“An Empirical Analysis of IPsec and WireGuard Tunnels: A Comparative Study on the Secure Communication of IPv6 over IPv4 Networks”

Sahidul Islam
“CI/CD Pipeline Implementation and Evaluation”

AMC Individual Lab Projects WS2022/23

Manuel Faatz, Dominik Borchardt
“Performance of MQTT under different network parameters

Rokaiya Siddika, Karzan Hasnat, Shadia Afroz Arin
“Ansible Inventory Management CMDB and Web-based Dashboard”

NGN Individual Lab Projects SS2022

Johannes Büsgen, Lars Zimmermann
Evaluation of Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Networks”

Edison Andres Zurita Hidalgo
“Evaluation of LibreSBC in VoIP network under traffic congestion scenarios”

Dominik Borchardt
“Realtime performance estimation of a web-app in a simulated wide area network with artificial packet loss and jitter”

AMC Individual Lab Projects WS2021/22

Tobias Bohnen, Juan Carlos Rosales Cortes
“Investigation and implementation of various IoT device managers for deploying containers on IoT-Devices”

Can Ekinci, Lucas Hans, Lars Zimmermann
“Comparison of different protocol stacks for the usage in IoT”

Steffen Hagemann
“Network flow analysis in an industrial environment”

Edisson Andres Zurita Hidalgo
“Evaluation of Robot Framework as a Test Automation Framework on MPLS Topology with a virtual emulated Environment on GNS3”

NGN Individual Lab Projects SS2021

Can Ekinci, Lucas Hans, Léon Lenzen
“Wire-Guardian, easy Wireguard VPN for distributed IoT”

Steffen Klein, Rubaiya Kabir Pranti, Laila Afreen
“Evaluation of ThingsBoard Implementation in the Context of an IoT Based Home Network”

Abdullah Ahmad, Madhwaraj Vedawyas Joshi, Dhruv Sunil Pandya
“Implementation and Testing of a Virtual Testbed for SIP based Applications”

Bhavya Susmitha Janapati, Poornima Ramesh, Suganya Dharmalingam
“Evaluation of TCP throughput performance in Wireless Mesh Network”

Rokaiya Siddika, Godfrey Akuba Ojimah
“Network Monitoring with YANG model”

Arathy Baby Kurisinkal, Dechamma Cheniyapanda Appaiah, Ranjan Shetty Kumar
“An analysis on MANETs using different routing protocols”

Tobias Bohnen, Murat Han Celik
“Comparing LoRaWAN and cellular technology for use in IoT devices”

Tanvir Rashid Chowdhury
“Implementation of multiple VoIP call servers in Home Network with Voice Mail Service”

Samson Oyewole Akala, Shezan Hossain Mahmud, Mahmuda Akter
“Simulating Software Defined Networking using Mininet and OpenDaylight Controller to exemplify Programmability of Networks”

AMC Individual Lab Projects WS2020/21

J. Kohlhas
“Privacy-friendly integration of a cloud video camera into a self-hosted smart home”

G.O. Akuba, O.P. Madu
“Quality of Service with Palo Alto Firewall in AWS environment”

NGN Individual Lab Projects SS2020

Apoorva Holla
“OSPF automation by YANG data model and Ansible”

Alessandro Parmigiani, Samuel Anamah
“Serial BLE Chat over MQTT-SN”

Valentin Dederer, Jahn Kohlhas
“IDS/IPS Effectiveness Test”

Severin Landwein, Tim Mennicken
“Building a containerized IoT Weather Station”

AMC Individual Lab Projects WS2019/20

M. Ramirez, C.D. Ibegbu, Y.A. Omofoyewa
“Performance on playback and streaming of AVC and HEVC HD videos: A comparison between Raspberry Pi3 and Raspberry Pi4”

L. Koenen, L. Borgrewe, P. Kalytta
“Orchestration Service-Mesh Testbed”

A. Sardina Garcia, S Anamah, A. Parmigiani
“WebRTC Live Streaming Analysis”

S.O. Akuba, C.D. Ezenobi
“Evaluation of OpenStack NFV Functionality”

Selected former NGN and AMC lab projects

– Network Automation and Server Load Balancing on Docker Containers using Ansible

– Introducing the MQTT Protocol based on an IOT example

– MQTT Proxy Broker

– Evaluation of network performance in docker containers in comparison to bare metal

– VoIP Over Blockchain

– CHAT BOT – A Next Generation Communication Service Software

– Analysis and Optimization of Bit Torrent Protocol

– Video Streaming integrated VoIP Service

– Implementation of QoS in IP Network (Using Linux Systems as Routers)

– Evaluation of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming (DASH) over HTTP

– Real Time Cloud Computing